Let’s make it simple.

I’m Ux/Ui designer or, simply, a digital craftswoman.
I mainly deal with MAINTENANCE of websites, because they are all good to do them from scratch…

In a nutshell what my job is

A web app or a web site isn't different from your home.

You want that everything is in order, that you’ll find your towel near the sink. Or that your toothbrush don’t fall in the water everytime you’ll take the soap… You want your guests to find everything they need without asking you. So, that’s simply the User Experience design…

The design is all around us.

I find all the little things that they’ll make you say….

“Aaaaah is like my home!”…

I hope that your home is comfortable, if not, this metaphor doesn’t work…

[:en]UX schema[:]


How it works

1you’ll contact me and we’ll met on skype
2you’ll tell me what you have to do
3If I can do it, I’ll send you a quote
4If you will not like it…bye, we’ll be always friends.
5If you’ll like it, you’ll pay me in advance 1/3 of the quote
6I’ll send you my work and you’ll send me another requests (up to 5 changes included in the first price)
7If you’ll be happy, you’ll finish paying me and I’ll send you all my original files,
even the sources.
8And you’ll write a review that I am the best Ui designer in the world.



AA..A.I. Cercasi

My Podcast! Oh Noooo! I speak too! What a shame!
It’s about design, reframing, design thinking and a lot of meaningless stuff. Only in roman ancient italian….sorry.